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Short films

Smile On

Arthur’s recurring dreams of searching for his father in the woods continue to haunt him two years after his death. With his girlfriend and boss showing little sympathy for his grief-stricken, depressed state, he turns to wearing an unnerving grinning mask after he calls in sick at work. As Arthur aimlessly wanders around a park and feigns being OK to his partner, nobody seems to notice his false smile.

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Short films


Sam is the story of a middle-aged transgender woman who retraces her journey with screenwriter Haydn Worley; her former counsellor also reflects on their sessions. Starting life as a confused boy and frustrated, suppressed teenager, Sam’s transition is complicated by an on-off relationship before and after transitioning; meeting her estranged son; and the loss of her mother.

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Short films


Beautiful is a short film, that brings to life the poetry of Black Transgender, civil rights activist Pauli Murray. This film pays homage to her tireless struggles for women’s rights and her driving need for change, equality and the right to express our sexuality.

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Short films


Kitty is a girl whose brother has returned from World War 1, with post traumatic stress syndrome. This story conveys the difficulty and challenges that women had to face when confronted with the reality and after affects of war. The only help these men had were female family member and a community of mostly women that were left behind and blind to the reality of war. They had to try to piece together what had happened to the men and help them overcome it.

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Short films

The Audition

The Audition is a short comedy satire set in the context of a theatrical audition. Sally and Peter are actors and are going though the torment and sometimes ridicule that any actor can face every day, for a chance to get chosen to  perform. It’s only when they start to air their dirty laundry on stage in front of the casting panel, that they get the notice they deserve.

I wanted this film to show how the art form of an actor has been overshadowed by our need for perpetual reality or fake reality. With the dummying down and constant white noise of social media, universally our attention span for anything that is not ’In Your Face” is disappearing.

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Short films

Almost Perfect

“Almost Perfect” Is a thriller motivated by forbidden sexual desire that was repressed by and against the Law in 1940s UK.

Helen works at an undertakers and is a make up artist and stylist to the dead. As of late Helen has developed a dark desire: the urge to act upon this desire is one she can no longer resist.

Helen starts to advertise for a new assistant but is she looking for an assistant or a blank canvas on which to create her next masterpiece?

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Short films

Dead to the World

“Dead to the World” is a dark comedy that revolves around the bitter but pragmatic relationship of two 30 something house mates.  Their shared personal taste in the use of nameless sex partners takes them on a journey of lies, deceit and breaking the Law. The use of Trophy Photos is not prohibited when they want to display on social media just how good looking their one night stand was.

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